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By Silvia Gatti and Konstantina Mavridou | 2020


Pleiades beta is a text based game of divergent story lines. When played, paths of the story take each player through different textual and visual landscapes and galaxies as they choose specific words and positions to answer questions.

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In a moment of our time in which technologies, machines and internet based programs are shaping our society, by creating ineffability and abstraction over traditional and physical way of living and therefore questioning the role of human beings in society, we propose an imaginary window in which it is possible to play with those different realities and to expand our way to look at them. Pleiades begin with a fascination to create an art-galaxy in which imaginary islands could exist in different time and space. A sort of fourth dimension galleries space. This fascination leaded us to work with understanding the intriguing space between the physical art process and the generative internet network. Cartographies and maps are the actual platform over which we built the storyline, we coded the different game’s path and through which we try to trigger the imagination of the player. The art project works with the uses of different languages and it wants to explore the importance in art of working with them. The narrative type of storytelling together with the coding language create complexity on the structure of the artwork and create an endless loop of possible scenarios, freeing the artwork from the distress of the fixed result. The story of the game starts in a linear way and then it turned into an unpredictable and non-linear structure. The player fells into imaginary plots and by doing that it loses its control over the structure of the game enabling the human brain to imagine endless loop of possible plots. How do we think with technologies and how the human senses respond to that? Interactivity and the condition of been a sensorial human being is the tread that accompanies the different experiences. It is a playful tool that makes the viewer and the player free of interpretations and rules.

Pleiades - An Undiscovered Galaxy

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